Dissertation News

Helpful articles for students pursuing their doctoral dissertations or Master’s theses.

These publications emphasize the psychology of doing a dissertation (or thesis), which is typically skimmed over in graduate seminars and classes. Articles focus on enhancing advisor and committee-member relationships, organizing useful support groups, speeding completion with time-management and organizational tricks, eliminating literature review overwhelm, generating a motivating topic, psyching up for oral exams, overcoming writer’s block, dealing effectively with negative feedback and criticism, and much more.

The rating scale helps assess (a) potential topics for interest, importance, and originality; (b) proposed methodology for feasibility; and (c) potential outcomes for contribution to knowledge.

Maintaining optimism through the ups and downs of doing a dissertation is a learned skill that will greatly enhance the process. This article presents techniques for strengthening and maintaining optimism until you finish.

Determination and persistence are the keys to finishing your dissertation. This article shows how to increase your determination by clarifying your purpose and values related to your thesis.

Choosing a methodology goes hand in hand with choosing a topic. Students are naturally suited for many different types of research methodologies. This article allows you to determine which research method is right for you.

Generating your topic involves conflicting mental skills that make it one of the most difficult thesis tasks. This article explains how to think through the different phases of information input and output, and use divergent thinking techniques to generate a…