Dissertation Coach, Writing Consultant, Editor

All areas of study. Reading and editing for content, organization, style.

Word Processor, Editor
Brunner Professional Services

Copy editing, report formatting (10 years experience)

Research and Statistical Consultant
Statistical Sanity

Writing empirical research papers, development of analysis plans, conducting statistical analyses. Taught introductory and advanced research and statistics to both undergraduate and graduate students for 13 years. Worked as a research and statistician in market research for 7 years.

Thesis Writing Consultant and Editor

Copy Editing (5 years experience as analyst and copy editor at University of California, San Francisco, medical and scientific editor); Consulting (2 years experience in IT and Business communication editing); Instructor (1 year teaching business communications);   Writer (15 years in trade publishing as analyst, writer, and editor)

Professor with experience in all aspects of quantitative and experimental research in Psychology

I am the head of the Psychology Department with many years of experience in teaching and student supervision (quantitative/Experimental). I am a United Kingdom native and work for UK universities at international branch campuses. My student base is multicultural.

I offer services as a consultant (proofreading, advice, and support) in Psychology related subject areas.

Editor, Research and Writing Consultant

I have 7 years of experience on 100 plus dissertations in psychology: 6 years of editing proposals, dissertations, and books in Clinical psychology; 5 years editing proposals and dissertations in Education; 6 Years editing proposals, dissertations in Transpersonal psychology; 7 years writing articles in Research and Writing


Editing and formatting. I have worked as an editor for books, journals, and grant proposals in Education, Behavioral Science, Mental health, Environmental Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Theology, Transportation, Occupational Therapy, Architecture, and Medicine/Public Health. I can provide custom table and chart formatting to APA standards. I provide formatting, proofreading, editing, revising. I maintain up-to-date manuals and guidelines to ensure compliance with style and university requirements.

Writing, Editing, and Statistics

Writing and editing; quantitative and qualitative design, methodology, and analysis; literature searches.

Research Methods & Statistics, Editor, and Coaching Consultant

Behavior & Psychology, Education, Management & Leadership, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Nursing Education, and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).

Editor, Statistical Consultant
BOLD Educational Software

Dr. Dusick has been an editor and consultant for more than 10 years. She is an instructor for universities in educational research and statistical design.

Editorial Consultant

Jill Eastwood offers comprehensive editorial support to graduate students and researchers on a global basis with their doctoral dissertations, master’s theses, journal articles, and books. She is known for her expertise in the universally required APA style of writing, has extensive knowledge in the university requirements of schools across the country, and is also known for her support of authors for whom English is a second language.

Online Transcriber

We provide a web-based transcription service. We recommend visiting our website for transcription rates and other information.

Private Statistician
Omega Statistics

My name is Elaine Eisenbeisz (pronounced “I-SEN-BUYS” but you can call me Elaine). I’m the Owner and Principal of Omega Statistics. I am a degreed statistician with over 30 years of experience, and as such, I believe I possess a deeper insight into the theory and practice of the discipline of statistics.

Omega Statistics sets a high standard for dissertation methods design and statistical analysis. I assist with the Methods and Results chapters of a thesis or dissertation. You will find that I am professional and personable, as well as knowledgeable.

I can provide written chapters in the format you require, whether it is APA format, according to university guidelines, or some hybrid of both. All of my services include consulting in order for you to understand and present your results with confidence.

Omega Statistics holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau: https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/murrieta/profile/statistical-service/omega-statistics-1066-100072115

Experience: I have 30 years of experience as a statistician, and I’ve worked on over 500 dissertations over the 12 years I’ve owned Omega Statistics. Please see the Omega Statistics website to learn more about me and my experience at https://www.omegastatistics.com/about/

Services and Hourly Rates: See the Omega Statistics website at https://www.omegastatistics.com/fee-schedule/

Formatting, Editing, Referral Service
Nina Feldman Connections

APA editing (20+ years experience) and formatting; interview transcribing; referrals to software and writing tutors, research and statistical consultants, foreign language translators/transcriptionists, resume writers, office and personal organizers


I provide dissertation and thesis consulting services. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, and do not sell students papers, do any actual writing for students (we do provide “action-editing” supported by extensive feedback, training, and coaching), and only with a student’s committee approval will we conduct statistical analyses for the student.

The following website describes our services: www.creativeadventuresconsulting.com

Academic Mentor, Research and Writing Consultant
Rutgers University
New Jersey

Experience in Expository writing: Composition, analysis, and thesis development; Experience in Research Writing: Topic refinement, library database, analysis; Experience in Writing for Scientific, Business, and Technical Fields: Terminology, subject matter

Editor, Consultant, Translator

Edits in Humanities, Social sciences in the qualitative research tradition. Translates from French or German into English. Has written 600+ articles for over 40 publications including the New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, and Economist in the past 7 years. Has edited 2 books, numerous scholarly papers. Extensive experience with scholars whose first language is not English. Edits grammatical and structural problems with text. Dissertations, theses, and journal manuscripts only (no class assignments or undergraduates, please).

Writing and Research Consultant
Global Scientific Consulting LLC

Former professor, teacher, researcher, and thesis advisor in biochemistry and microbiology. Works with students from all disciplines.

Statistical and Research Consultant
Elite Research, LLC

I have 6 years of experience as a Statistical Analyst in data cleaning, MANOVA, linear/logistic regression, etc. in both academia and business. I have experience in research design (hypothesis/measure development, power analysis, etc. I have 9 years of experience in editing for format and content. I have 6 years of experience as a research expert in Developmental Psychology with multiple publications and ongoing university teaching experience.

Proofreader, Indexer
New Hampshire

I am experienced in indexing of dissertations. I have professional experience with back-of-the-book and embedded indexing. I have provided proofreading of dissertations and other written materials for Dartmouth College staff and other professional firms.

Writer, Dissertation Consultant
DoctoralNet Ltd.

Getting the dissertation done; the logic and process of the work.

Skype: doctoralnet

Writer, Editor

General humanities (30 years experience); Soft sciences (30 years experience); Business (30 years experience)

Dissertation Writing Consultant, Research Consultant, Dissertation Coach

Dissertation consulting and coaching for ABDs in all areas of study. Coaching to complete the process as quickly and painlessly as possible. Reading for content and help with organization. Research design expert. Qualitative data analysis. I have been a dissertation coach full time since 1997. I am experienced with many different disciplines, research methods, and different advising styles. I hold a PhD in Educational Psychology from UC Santa Barbara. I have worked as a professional researcher and as an associate professor. I have served as advisor for scores of doctoral candidates. I’m certified as a personal and professional coach by The Coaches Training Institute and as a master coach by the International Coaching Federation.


Research design, writing, editing and all aspects of manuscript production for students in business, communications, education, history, nursing and the health sciences.

Editor, Dissertation Consultant, Word Processor

The entire dissertation process: consulting, formatting, proofreading, editing, revising, and transcribing. Maintains up-to-date manuals and guidelines to ensure compliance with style and university requirements.

Editor, Researcher, Writer, Format Specialist
A+ English–Editing, Proofreading, Formatting
Editor and Writing Consultant
New York

Academic/Developmental/Technical Writing including professional papers, articles, and books (14 years) — Expert writing coach for style, organization, anxiety relief.  Contemporary Art — Copyeditor for contemporary art journal (3+ years).  Light copy editing to substantive developmental editing.

Accent on Words

Editing and formatting according to style guides and university guidelines. I have edited theses in Biology, Bus Admin, Education, English, Geography, History, Philosophy, Phys Ed, Psychology, Public Admin, Social Work, and Communication.
 Professors, graduate office employees, and clients frequently refer students to me.

Dissertation Coach and Academic Editor

Productivity coaching; academic editing and writing. All subject areas especially soft sciences, philosophy, history, etc.

Editor and Research Consultant

Former associate professor of psychology and current part-time faculty. I have directed, proofed, and edited theses and dissertations. I have extensive experience in faculty development, and research based teaching techniques. All subject areas especially soft sciences, psychology, education, etc.

Word Processor, Editor
The Typing Annex

I primarily assist with structural editing along with grammar and usage. I also format resumes and cover letters.   I provide quality, timely work at an affordable price.  My BA from Valparaiso University is in English with minors in Psychology and Secondary Education. I have completed 25 hours toward my MA in Community and Agency Counseling. I have taught high school/jr high school composition for over 12 years.

writers, editors, consultants, counselors, trainers
Elite Research, LLC

Elite Research offers statistical consulting and tutoring services, along with research design, data management, data analysis, online survey research, manuscript and grant preparation, statistical software training, large and small group seminars and training using statistical software packages including SPSS, SAS, SYSTAT, MPLUS, LISREL, EQS, and S-PLUS, R, STATA. Reach out to any of our consultants for your research needs.

Contact us for up to an hour and a half free review of all projects. Faculty and students can earn free consulting hours through the referral program. More than 12 years in business, with extensive experience in virtual and face-to-face projects in all areas of research and evaluation. Research and statistical consulting, tutoring, research design, data management, data analytics and analysis (including but not limited to regression, multilevel modeling, and SEM), online survey research, manuscript and grant preparation, statistical software training, large and small group seminars or training.

1. René Paulson, Ph.D. President & Senior Statistician, http://www.EliteResearch.com; rtpaulson@eliteresearch.com; (972)538-1374; (800)806-5661
2. Sara Brady, Ph.D. Research & Statistical Consultant, EliteResearch.com/Academia; sbrady@eliteresearch.com; (972)538-1374; (800)806-5661
3. Mindy Chandler, M.A. Research & Evaluation Consultant, EliteResearch.com/NonProfit; mchandler@eliteresearch.com; (972)538-1374; (800)806-5661
4. John Maddoux, Ph.D. Research & Statistical Consultant, EliteResearch.com; jmaddoux@eliteresearch.com; (972)538-1374; (800)806-5661
5. Jackie Pennings, Ph.D. Accredited Professional Statistician, EliteResearch.com; jpennings@eliteresearch.com; (972)538-1374; (800)806-5661
6. Ryan Krone, Ph.D. Research & Statistical Consultant, EliteResearch.com; rkrone@eliteresearch.com; (972)538-1374; (800)806-5661
7. Zoheb Allam, M.S. Research & Statistical Analyst, EliteResearch.com; zallam@eliteresearch.com; (972)538-1374; (800)806-5661
8. Weidan Zhou, M.S. Statistical Consultant, EliteResearch.com; wzhou@eliteresearch.com; (972)538-1374; (800)806-5661
9. Mark Shadden, M.S. Statistician & Data Scientist, http://www.DivergentAnalytics.com; consulting@divergentanalytics.com; (972)538-1374; (800)806-5661
10. Nicole Huddleston, Qualitative and Mixed Methods Consultant, EliteResearch.com; nhuddleston@eliteresearch.com; (972)538-1374; (800)806-5661
11. Jodi Woodside, Technical Editing, http://eliteresearch.com/services/editing-a-formatting; editing@eliteresearch.com; (972)538-1374; (800)806-5661


Psychology, Education, Family Life Education, Dance

Editor, Writer, Coach

20 years as an instructor of English/Composition, 4 years editing in  Humanities/Social sciences; 10 years as writer and editor in business and technical fields


Psychology, Information Technology, Sociology, Education, Nursing, Business, Humanities, Organizational Leadership

Editor, Writing Consultant, Grant Writer, Writing Coach

Thesis and Dissertation editing; Grant writing and reviewing.

Will work one-on-one coaching/advising Thesis and Dissertation students and students and staff/faculty writing grants.

Freelance writer and editor
Word Magic 1

Editing and writing consultation

Editor, Consultant & Co-Owner
Social Science and Research Consultants

Editing and writing; Dissertation coaching; Research design

Editor and Writing Consultant

Education (38 years experience); Psychology (17 years experience); Research (5 years experience)

Editor, Translator, Time Management Consultant
Valeskie Data / Word Processing

Editing, format, word processing (18 years experience); Research (2 years experience)

Dissertation Editor, Coach, and Consultant
Academic Information Center

Research Design (22 years experience); Conceptual and Organizational Editing (22 years experience); Editorial/Writing Consultation (22 years experience)

Editor, Library Researcher, Research Consultant; Engineer
Health and Environmental Safety Alliance

Life Sciences, Environmental Science, Agricultural Science<br /> Editorial/Writing consultation

Writing Consultant, Research Consultant, Editor, Statistician
XXIV Century Press

Research Design, Data Analysis, Reporting of Findings, Text Mining, and Knowledge Utilization. Professor of Medicine and Director, Medical Information Systems Research Program; Professor of Informatics, Research Administrator. I have over 25 years in the medical school offering consultation and mentoring to graduates and academic investigators. I have over 35 years experience as a biostatistician. And I have over 20 years in information processing research.

Editor, Writing and Research Consultant

All arts, humanities, and social sciences (35 years experience). Former university professor; has also taught a professional editing course at UC Berkeley. Has edited 100+ books for UC Press, Stanford Univeristy Press, Oxford University Press, Cornell University Press, Institute of East Asian Studies, UC Art Museum, Sierra Club Books, HarperCollins Publishers, Warner Books, Wadsworth Publishing Co, Lawrence Hall of Science, and others

Editor, Word processor